The Application of a Wire Rope Lubricator on Wire Ropes

The Application of a Wire Rope Lubricator on Wire Ropes

Wire cables or wire rope are made using strands of steel wires continuously twisted on a central core. There are different types of wire ropes, and these vary in terms of purpose and place of operation. Differentiating wire cables is done using things like the number of steel strands in them, the number of wires in each strand, their sizes in diameter and the grade of steel metal that was used among other parameters.

Wire Ropes and Lubrication

Wire ropes require a lot of lubrication due to the nature of their material make up, as well as their functions. They usually come lubricated but will, in the course of their functional life, require constant lubrication to keep them performing at their optimum. Wire ropes take on some serious bending, rolling and stretching that constantly deplete the lubrication present. It is for this reason that they require regular lubrication in and out so as to reduce friction, heating and breakages within the wire strands. wire rope lubricator can be carried out manually using a brush or some other form of applicant or it can ideally be done using a wire rope lubricator.

The Make Up of a Wire Rope Lubricator

A typical wire rope lubricator contains two halves of a chamber that are snugly clamped around the wire rope. Lubricant is pumped inside the chamber and as it moves along the cable, lubrication is achieved. It is basically a device that has been designed to continuously apply lubricant to wire ropes without the need for an additional hand. The chambers of these wire rope lubricators are made of metal, and they are designed to open in half in order for them to be clamped around a cable. The ends of the chambers contain split seals that form a tight seal which ensures the cavities in between the cables and the chambers are leak tight. It is inside these cavities that lubricants are pumped in at high pressure.

Benefits of Using a Wire Rope Lubricator

Other than the obvious benefit of ensuring that your wire ropes are well lubricated and thus safe from damage, wear and tear; the other benefits of using a wire rope lubricator include the following.

Faster and effortless application of lubricant.
A much cleaner and therefore safer way to apply lubricant as opposed to manual application.
Greater savings on the lubricant as spillage or overuse is minimized.
Greater penetration of lubricant within the wire strands as this is pushed in by the high pressure.
The wire rope lubricator device being portable means that it can be applied anywhere along the cable or permanently mounted to provide constant lubrication. Sponsored by group travel(gruppereiser) and company outings(firmatur).